10 Things I Have Learned About Abortion from Pro-lifers.

10 Things I Have Learned About Abortion from Pro-lifers.

1. Women choose to have sex. Men are apparently not involved in this decision-making process.

2. Women who do not use birth control are irresponsible and should never have sex.

3. Women who use birth control are also irresponsible, because they know that birth control is not 100% foolproof and should never have sex.

4. Being pro-life has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It’s just a coincidence that my God is opposed to abortion, and if yours isn’t, then you’re worshiping the wrong God.

5. No matter how many examples you find of God-sanctioned infanticide in the Bible, it in no way indicates that God is OK with baby-killing. Baby-killing on his orders is OK because reasons. If he says it’s OK, it’s OK, but he definitely didn’t say abortion was OK except in the parts where he did.

6. All the aborted babies could have gone on to do great things. None of the aborted babies would have been “welfare queens” or criminals or deranged genocidal dictators.

7. People are lined up to adopt babies. If you give your baby up for adoption, it will find a loving family. It definitely, positively, won’t join the half million kids already available for adoption or be one of the 23,000 who age out of the system without being adopted every year. Oh, and it will be happy with its family, who will never turn out to be abusive in any way.

8. It is never OK to abort a baby that resulted from consensual sex. Conception circumstances are paramount, which is why it’s OK to abort rape babies. Consensual sex babies are alive at the moment of conception because of consent. Rape babies are alive at the moment of conception, too, but it’s OK to abort them because they aren’t the consequences of the choice of an irresponsible woman. Don’t ask me to explain this, I’ve tried and tried and still don’t get it.

9. If abortions are illegal, nobody will need them. Only 1% of all abortions are for high-risk situations like the life of the mother or significant defects in the fetus, and letting women die and having babies who are severely handicapped (even if they’re guaranteed to die after birth) is a risk that people who aren’t dealing with these situations are willing to accept.

10. Even if you are too poor to support a child, too young to be a parent, too ill mentally or physically to be a parent, addicted to drugs and unemployed and homeless, married to an abusive spouse or a pedophile, the baby is a gift from God and all your problems will go away as long as you don’t get an abortion.

  • Erich Vieth

    Well stated

  • Stacy Factotum Mergenthal

    Hi there. Found your post here via a mutual friend’s (Erich Vieth) facebook page. Just wanted to say that I think this is an excellent, thoughtful post and I enjoyed reading. I’ve saved your blog to my reading list. As to #4, I’d ask them why, if their anti-abortion stance has nothing to do with religious belief, they feel that abortion is “wrong”? From whence does this sense of wrongness, of immorality and sinfulness, come? Their secular upbringing?

  • Thanks, Erich, Stacy. Honest to goodness, I’ve asked them that, and I get a couple of responses. One is that I’m simply wrong about it being religious, or that most people are religious and share this belief (which we know isn’t true for all religions) so it’s universal and not motivated by religion.

    Another, which totally confuses me, is that they answer with bible quotes and citations. Every time this happens, I kind of sit here stunned. What kind of response is “No, it’s not religious – here’s where the bible says it’s wrong!”? (I never know how to work that punctuation correctly. Maybe I just need more exclamation points!!!!!!)

  • Stacy Factotum Mergenthal

    That is hilarious, Alison, though also a little frightening that people are so unaware of what they’re putting out there that argue against themselves. We get a lot of church solicitations in my neighborhood and I can back you up here, there are no shortages of disarmingly silly responses to legitimate inquiries. I once asked a kindly old church lady what she knew about evolution (she was adamant the idea of evolution was the devil’s work designed to lead good Christians from the teachings of the bible) and she replied by asking me, “If evolution is real, why doesn’t your daughter evolve into a puppy?” I was so taken off guard, I sat there stupidly with my mouth gaping. It was my 14 yr old daughter who responded appropriately, “Because science!” 🙂

  • Good for your daughter. I honestly think that some people learned about evolution from “Pokemon” sometimes.