Project 1
The inspiration for this was “Fringe Frenzy,” an article from the October,
2003 (Issue 57) Bead and Button magazine. The original design had a
lampwork bead in the center, but since I’m just starting, I didn’t have one in
my collection. It was time consuming, but a lot of fun.
Project 2
I had a whole bunch of miscellaneous beads, many one of a kind (at least for me) and
decided this would be a good way to use them up. I simply took a whole
bunch of head pins, put beads on in no particular order, then trimmed the pin
and made a loop at the top. I strung some stones, then a pin, then two
stones, a pin, two stones, etc. It went very fast.
Project 3
These are so easy. They’re just strung, and I picked the beads out all together,
once on a bead hunt in New York, and again in Bergenfield, NJ. You don’t
need a lot of talent or experience, just some really cool beads and some
earwires. Oh, wirecutters and needle-nosed pliers help, too.
Project 4
Silly me, I went into the store in Bergenfield again,
supposedly just to get some findings and maybe a few seed beads, and
several hundred dollars later, I’d signed up for a class and bought
enough beads to make this and many, many other pieces. My idea is
to take a bunch of colors I like to wear and make a bunch of mix and
match pieces, so here are the first. And if you want to check out
the store and classes yourself (it would help to be in New Jersey) click
Beads by Blanche

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