I am an atheist, rational thinker.

I really like science, especially neuroscience, genetics/epigenetics, and evolution.

I sew, bead, and make polymer clay jewelry. . .sometimes. Not as often as I’d like.

I used to play guitar and piano a lot, but they’re dusty, and I should do that more often.

I love cats and otters, but have only one of those for pets.

The only computer game I play is Sims 2, and sometimes I treat my Sims very, very badly.

I bake the best cookies in the world, and my bread and cheesecake are nothing to sneeze at.

I garden with only the hardiest plants, because I like to move them around a lot.

I’m a political independent – what matters to me is who cares the most for people who need the most.

I have ADHD, and this is key – this blog has never been about one thing, never will, and I make no guarantees that it will update regularly.