MASKS DON’T WORK!!! (Links that show they do.)

MASKS DON’T WORK!!! (Links that show they do.)

More bookmarked links. again, I’ll try to be organized, but that’s not easy for me!

One of my favorite links on why this isn’t true, because it’s a video for anti-vaxers who don’t read:

An article outlining much of the same:

h/t to Leo Lam:

Face masks for children do more good than harm:

The CDC on masks:

Masks don’t block oxygen:

A few from Dr. Ian MacKay’s Twitter thread on masks before Twitter gets exploded…

N-95s and air filtration:

How much protection you get from different types of masks:

Any mask is better than no mask:

And another h/t to John E. Canuck, who filled a thread with good information that shouldn’t disappear just because Twitter does…

JAMA article on mask-wearing to control community spread of covid:

Universal masking reduced covid cases in health care workers:

Systematic review/meta-analysis on effectiveness of masking and other measures:

Masking cuts infection rates in half:

Even surgical masks help:

Again, any mask is better than nothing:

Lifting masking requirements in schools + more covid:

Masks in schools prevent spread outside of schools, too:

School masking helped prevent Delta cases:

Yep, masks in schools still reduce transmission:

So we have a lot of evidence debunking the claim in the title. I hope this is enough, but there will probably never be enough to satisfy the covidiots. Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

Viral Replication

Viral Replication

Since I do not trust Twitter to survive, or even to not start disappearing tweets, I’m going to move some of the bookmarked tweets and helpful links I’ve collected bit by bit, attempting some semblance of order (wish me luck on that) so I can find them when I need them, and they can be used by others. I’m always open to suggestions from reliable sources, too, so if at any point you think a study or an article from a reputable source that should be preserved or shared, put it in a comment, and I’ll be happy to read it/add it to a post.

My pinned tweet from December 9, 2021, got a lot of angry responses from anti-vaxers, so I know it was good!

“It’s amazing how many people think that needing more vaccines is a failure of the vaccine, rather than the success of the virus mutating in unvaccinated hosts.”

A simple explanation of what viruses are and how they work from National Geographic:

Course Hero explains viral replication:

Medical Net explains viral replication:

Texas Gateway explains viral replication:

Nature explains SARS-CoV2 viral replication:

How SARS-CoV2 infects cells:

Why vaccines won’t produce worse variants:

On the evolution of new variants of SARS-CoV2:

How infections, not vaccines, drive viral mutation:

A video from Vaccine Makers Project on how viruses reproduce:

How prolonged infections drive mutations:

These are the ones I bookmarked, there may be more I liked and shared, but didn’t put in the thread or my bookmarks. If you know of anything that helps explain why vaccines don’t cause viral mutations, especially simply written ones that laypeople could understand, drop me a line. If you don’t, I hope you can get something out of these links!

Twitter is a Wretched Hive…

Twitter is a Wretched Hive…

As @gorskon (on Twitter, find his blog on likes to say…of scum an villainy. My account there started off in 2014 because a friend had signed up, and I decided to give it a try. It soon became my favorite, and it wasn’t long before I began being engaged by anti-vaxers trying to convert me to their cause. Dr. Gorski had changed my mind about science, which I’d always hated because I didn’t understand it. But actual scientists and science advocates are very generous with their knowledge and resources, so I soon found myself getting links to research papers, textbook excerpts, and scholarly articles from them. And whatever I didn’t understand, they explained until I got it. This was…ummm…27 years ago, I think?

Twitter has been a phenomenal source for this. Many of the scientists I ended up following became friends as well, and I’ve met some of my moots in real life, shared video calls, had ongoing DM conversations. It’s been delightful.

So over time, my main account became a science advocacy one as well as a social one. (It’s part of the reason my blog has been inactive for so long!) Much of it, of course, was countering anti-vax misinformation, because anti-vaxers are deeply committed to all kinds of pseudoscience and outright woo. They have a high-profile presence in this regard.

But it was manageable.

Until Covid19.

It brought the purveyors of dangerous, often deadly, misinformation out in droves. And it has changed my, and many others’, experience of Twitter. Never have we had to repeat the same debunking of the same lies so many times. Never has it been so obvious that Twitter rules and Terms of Service are there only for the sake of appearance. Accounts that exist for the purpose of disseminating outright lies and selling useless and even dangerous substances to purportedly treat or prevent Covid19 flout these rules with impunity. Individuals who repeat these lies and spread ludicrous rumors about the disease and the vaccines we currently have to prevent it are protected by Twitter. We know this because we report them, and nearly every report comes back saying that Twitter sees no violation.


Yes, this is personal. I’ve had my account locked twice and four tweets hidden for violating their rules about Covid19 misinformation, even though a human being reading them would know immediately that they were correcting misinformation being spread by covidiots. They apologized for the hidden tweets and the first lockout, which did no good because it came after my account would have been unlocked anyway. This time, well…

They locked me for telling a covidiot that when vaccines were found to have potentially dangerous side effects or could cause dangerous adverse events, they were withdrawn from the market. It was determined that this tweet was spreading “misleading and potentially harmful information about Covid19.” I kid you not. When I appealed it, they changed their minds and said they were upholding my lockout for a completely different reason.


We’re writing to let you know that your account features will remain limited for the allotted time due to violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our rules against abusive behavior.

To ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs on our platform, we do not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse. This includes behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another person’s voice.

Please note that continued abusive behavior may lead to the suspension of your account. To avoid having your account suspended, please only post content that abides by the Twitter Rules:



In the meantime, no action whatsoever has been taken regarding the tweets I reported from the account to which I was responding. You can check it out and scratch your heads as to why not…

I’m far from the only one. Twitter has locked/suspended/banned many scientists, doctors, researchers, science teachers, and other science advocates for years while ignoring the huge amount of “diverse opinions and beliefs” that are the reason we’re still in a pandemic. Many of them left and never came back. I don’t want to leave because of the friends I’ve made there and the education I continue to receive from science twitter.

So…my blog will have to come back to life so I can call out the ghouls and death merchants Twitter feels deserve a platform. It’ll take some time for my ADHD brain to get used to doing this, and I’ll have to figure out a way to get images on here without having to pay a site for image hosting. But I need to do this, because if Twitter is going to allow people to lie about a disease that’s killed millions and disabled millions more, it needs to be publicized. I might not be able to make a huge dent, but I can’t just do nothing. Wish me luck!