Covid and the Brain

Covid and the Brain

I tell anti-vaxers/covidiots “death is not the only negative outcome” so many times that it autofills on my phone starting with the first word. Here are the Twitter bookmarks I saved on what we’ve learned so far on how covid19 damages the brain. I’m sure there’s more. Let me know if I missed anything good. This is just what I’ve saved on the doomed bird site.

An overview of some known effects:

Even without infecting the brain, covid damages it:

Even without being a bad case of covid, covid damages the brain:

Some covid survivors’ brains exhibit Alzheimer’s-like characteristics:

A few of the ways covid affects the brain, including strokes caused by clots:

Covid strokes could be more disabling than other kinds of strokes:

Covid strokes also affect younger people: The largest study on severe stroke and COVID-19 published to date found even moderate COVID-19 infection increased risk of death in younger, healthier stroke patients.

We saw covid increasing risk of strokes in young adults early on, too. This is from 2020:

Lots of neurological impairments are measurable after covid infection:

This article addresses both short-term and long-term neurological effects of covid: I’ll repeat it in my post about Long Covid.

The brain is a complex organ that we don’t entirely understand yet. There are many functions we don’t understand, and processes that can’t be measured. Despite claims about neuroplasticity giving the brain the ability to heal itself, we also know that that’s not true in most cases of damage. Neurons don’t reproduce, and because not all broken pathways can re-route, some neurological damage will not only not improve, but will worsen or cause further damage by interrupting communication. Given what we do know about brain injury, especially delayed onset injury from viral infections, it’s quite possible that we will see young people disabled by neurodegenerative conditions caused by covid in the next decade, at least. Messing up your brain is not worth it. Get vaccinated. Wear a good quality mask. Avoid crowds, especially indoors. Don’t risk it.

MASKS DON’T WORK!!! (Links that show they do.)

MASKS DON’T WORK!!! (Links that show they do.)

More bookmarked links. again, I’ll try to be organized, but that’s not easy for me!

One of my favorite links on why this isn’t true, because it’s a video for anti-vaxers who don’t read:

An article outlining much of the same:

h/t to Leo Lam:

Face masks for children do more good than harm:

The CDC on masks:

Masks don’t block oxygen:

A few from Dr. Ian MacKay’s Twitter thread on masks before Twitter gets exploded…

N-95s and air filtration:

How much protection you get from different types of masks:

Any mask is better than no mask:

And another h/t to John E. Canuck, who filled a thread with good information that shouldn’t disappear just because Twitter does…

JAMA article on mask-wearing to control community spread of covid:

Universal masking reduced covid cases in health care workers:

Systematic review/meta-analysis on effectiveness of masking and other measures:

Another review:

Masking cuts infection rates in half:

Even surgical masks help:

Again, any mask is better than nothing:

Lifting masking requirements in schools + more covid:

Masks in schools prevent spread outside of schools, too:

School masking helped prevent Delta cases:

Yep, masks in schools still reduce transmission:

So we have a lot of evidence debunking the claim in the title. I hope this is enough, but there will probably never be enough to satisfy the covidiots. Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

Viral Replication

Viral Replication

Since I do not trust Twitter to survive, or even to not start disappearing tweets, I’m going to move some of the bookmarked tweets and helpful links I’ve collected bit by bit, attempting some semblance of order (wish me luck on that) so I can find them when I need them, and they can be used by others. I’m always open to suggestions from reliable sources, too, so if at any point you think a study or an article from a reputable source that should be preserved or shared, put it in a comment, and I’ll be happy to read it/add it to a post.

My pinned tweet from December 9, 2021, got a lot of angry responses from anti-vaxers, so I know it was good!

“It’s amazing how many people think that needing more vaccines is a failure of the vaccine, rather than the success of the virus mutating in unvaccinated hosts.”

A simple explanation of what viruses are and how they work from National Geographic:

Course Hero explains viral replication:

Medical Net explains viral replication:

Texas Gateway explains viral replication:

Nature explains SARS-CoV2 viral replication:

How SARS-CoV2 infects cells:

Why vaccines won’t produce worse variants:

On the evolution of new variants of SARS-CoV2:

How infections, not vaccines, drive viral mutation:

A video from Vaccine Makers Project on how viruses reproduce:

How prolonged infections drive mutations:

These are the ones I bookmarked, there may be more I liked and shared, but didn’t put in the thread or my bookmarks. If you know of anything that helps explain why vaccines don’t cause viral mutations, especially simply written ones that laypeople could understand, drop me a line. If you don’t, I hope you can get something out of these links!