MASKS DON’T WORK!!! (Links that show they do.)

MASKS DON’T WORK!!! (Links that show they do.)

More bookmarked links. again, I’ll try to be organized, but that’s not easy for me!

One of my favorite links on why this isn’t true, because it’s a video for anti-vaxers who don’t read:

An article outlining much of the same:

h/t to Leo Lam:

Face masks for children do more good than harm:

The CDC on masks:

Masks don’t block oxygen:

A few from Dr. Ian MacKay’s Twitter thread on masks before Twitter gets exploded…

N-95s and air filtration:

How much protection you get from different types of masks:

Any mask is better than no mask:

And another h/t to John E. Canuck, who filled a thread with good information that shouldn’t disappear just because Twitter does…

JAMA article on mask-wearing to control community spread of covid:

Universal masking reduced covid cases in health care workers:

Systematic review/meta-analysis on effectiveness of masking and other measures:

Another review:

Masking cuts infection rates in half:

Even surgical masks help:

Again, any mask is better than nothing:

Lifting masking requirements in schools + more covid:

Masks in schools prevent spread outside of schools, too:

School masking helped prevent Delta cases:

Yep, masks in schools still reduce transmission:

So we have a lot of evidence debunking the claim in the title. I hope this is enough, but there will probably never be enough to satisfy the covidiots. Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.