But You Have to Laugh. . .

But You Have to Laugh. . .

I haven’t completely lost my sense of humor.  I’m limited in what I can do, and in order to get to anything below waist level, I need to bend at the knees, back straight, or hold onto something for balance and leverage, or do a bend over on my right leg only, sticking the left out straight back.  As I was doing this for what seemed like the umpty-millionth time in the bathroom (mmmm. . .coffeeeeee!!!) I was reminded that Carolyn told me last night that it looked like I was doing an arabesque, and so for today’s entertainment, I present to you. . .


Plie’!  Grasp lid, and releve’!

Turn!  Plie’! Sit!

(curtain closes for intermission while the mundane aspects are undergone)


Turn, arabesque, and flush!

Grasp lid, and plie’!

Releve’, turn, and don’t forget to switch off the light!

Thunderous applause!!!