This is So Cool!

This is So Cool!

I tried to convince hubby that we need one of these. Unfortunately, 8 feet is not wide enough for him to swing hot glass, but this is some of the most wonderful recycling I’ve ever read about:

Far more than just a box


Those ugly old things stacked up outside IKEA in Elizabeth could become all kinds of wonderful stuff! Eight feet wide, eight feet deep, and 20 feet long is a good size for so many things, but just imagine. . .

Picture the robot storage in the movie “I, Robot”, except that it’s all studio space! Imagine being able to set it up so things could be secured, and you could take your studio wherever you went! You could set up entire artist colonies like campgrounds, where they could park for a while, work, teach, sell, do studio tours, then go someplace else to do the same thing and not have to pack and unpack! Make art trains that travel the country!

OK, now I’m getting way too carried away. They’d make good sheds, too. Or guest rooms for people you don’t like. Or barns or chicken coops. Or almost anything but rusting piles of boxes in an industrial landscape.