There’s More Paint A-Waitin’

There’s More Paint A-Waitin’

So. . .I can’t do much more in the bedroom until the new floor comes in, and we decide what kind of fabrics and area rugs will work with the new paint and the new floor. However, our new enclosed garage needs to get started in order to begin its new life as an art studio. Rather than make it such a huge project that we’ll start it and then get overwhelmed and not do anything for months, I’m going to paint the walls that have been drywalled and taped and patched, put up the shelves and work surfaces, get that part organized, and we’ll work our way around the room bit by bit.

This isn’t as demanding as a regular room – for one thing, it’s not public, so we can fudge a bit. For another, we’re going to live with it for a year or so and then decide what changes we want to make as far as climate control, wiring and lighting, whether we want to rip out the existing drywall and have it redone the right way with insulation and a good ceiling. . .all that kind of stuff. It’s a tester room. A work in progress.

Because of that, I thought that before going out and spending money on paint, we should see what kind of color we’d get if we mixed the stuff the previous owners had left us, since we’re mostly done with changing all the colors. The family room, all the bedrooms, and the hall are all painted differently, I just have to decide what to do with the bathrooms and the living/office/kitchen area, which all kind of flow into each other. So all that old paint was up for grabs.

Oh, dear.

No, we didn’t just dump it all together. We really did try to change the color a bit at a time. In spots, you can see where we tried to see if a faux finish technique would lessen the awfulness of this color. Clearly, it didn’t. So now, everything had to get poured back into buckets, to be left open until dry enough to throw away.

Oh, dear, again.

This is going to take a long, long time. I’d put these outdoors, but it’s pouring rain and looks like it’ll continue to be pouring rain for another day or so. Well, at least we know what color we don’t like.