ADD – I’m a Human, Not a Magpie

ADD – I’m a Human, Not a Magpie

So I was scouring around a couple of places for some new bumper stickers. Now that I have more than three (I don’t know if this is a real rule, or I just made it up) I can keep going to as many as I want. Heh. So I’m not certain what exactly to add besides maybe this:

So I decided “Gee, maybe someone’s made a good ADD sticker out there.” I don’t know where this came from, because my brain was all over the place yesterday. Oh, wait, that’s where it came from. I was all frustrated from the whirlwind, pointless meanderings of my unmedicated mind. There ya go. Which reminded me of a bumper sticker proclaiming that ADD is a myth, which pissed me off enough that I would have talked with the driver if he hadn’t been, well, driving. The search did not make me feel any better.

There were thousands upon thousands of variations of this (no link ‘cuz I don’t like it):

and this (same deal):

You know, it’s such a misguided, simplistic view of ADD, no wonder people think it’s made up. Sheesh. Yeah, ADD makes you easily distracted, but not usually by just any old thing. If I’m distracted by something moving or shiny or whatever, it’s because it sparks my imagination. I’ll see a color I want to use in fabric or clay or painting, and that might catch my attention for a moment. I might even interrupt a conversation or stop in the middle of a sentence to point it out, but it’s not going to stop me from picking right back up where I left off. The real problem is getting distracted by things that will take up large amounts of your time, because you’re reminded of something on your to-do list, or one of the many tasks you started but didn’t finish, or a sudden creative inspiration that must be attended to right away before you forget it.

ADD doesn’t make you stupid like that. (Often, it’s just the opposite. It makes you think outside the box, helps you make connections others don’t see, and inspires unique creativity.) You’re not carrying on with something important and just lose it because something caught your eye. Heck, if it’s really important, you’re probably hyperfocusing and can’t be distracted by a darned thing. This characterization of ADDers as people who can be stopped in their tracks by the sight of a small animal or a shiny object is just as offensive as the assumption that we’re making it all up.

Many of the others carried a more positive message, but were overly wordy, or angry. With one exception, my bumper stickers are short and sweet. I might go for something a little peevish, but I would never put something on my car that would incite someone else to anger. So I guess I have to come up with something on my own. Thank goodness for cafepress. Let’s see if something comes to me as I go off to run more errands. . .