Wednesday Links

Wednesday Links

Drug Interactions in Psychiatry: A Practical Review Useful information for understanding how certain psychiatric medications interact, and why. Supporting information – because serotonin receptors have a bigger impact on the body and brain beyond mood, understanding How Serotonin Receptors Can Shape Drug Effects can help with targeting drug therapies and avoiding dangerous side effects.

All the wonderful information we will eventually get from post-natal genome sequencing will eventually be put to use in prenatal testing. What then?

A couple of thoughts about evolution and purpose. Like, evolution doesn’t have a purpose, it just happens. Pharyngula addresses this by way of criticizing a bad paper that assumes “direction” to evolution. Sandwalk does it by talking about random genetic drift.

Honest to goodness, I read through this and don’t understand the application because it’s beyond my frame of reference. But I can imagine that it’s a good thing for genetic research. Same thing with this one. Just the idea that DNA can be taken apart, looked a piece by piece, put back together. . .blows my mind.

Good thing I at least read them, though – maybe they’ll find a way to fix the headache I got from reading them.

No Animals this week. Unless you consider dirty girls who like Benedict Cumberbatch to be animals.