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Time Flies. . .

Time Flies. . .

So Friday, the inspector, the buyers, one of the parents, and several realtors were at the house for three and a half hours. This was stressful for me, and add that the buyer had arranged for a window guy to come and do an estimate, and we had our mortgage banker coming over for signatures, and the phone didn’t stop ringing between the bank, the lawyer, and the realtor. After that was all over, my kids had friends over – lovely children, but still, a house full of screaming girls. My stress level was over the top.

Saturday dawned with me feeling much calmer, and after a chat with my realtor, and a call from the lawyer saying we were out of attorney review, my friend calls to have a nice day together getting costumes for the kids and having dinner and getting out of the house. It was a good thing. I also got all the laundry washed and folded – Bonus!

Today has been mostly lazy except for some cleaning and packing. I’ll do some more tomorrow after we’re all finished with the Sunday papers (I already used up the stuff we had in recycling for packing!). The kids have a day off, I’ll let them play and laze around after they pack another couple of boxes. I’ll call the mover, pack more things, throw more things away. . .

The Moving Odyssey, part One

The Moving Odyssey, part One

Sometimes you forget exactly how much goes into moving.  Holy cow, I’m not going to have a lot of free time in the next six weeks.  Our offer was accepted in Toms River, with only slight tweaking, and we’re going to have no trouble overlapping by a couple of weeks – signing on the new house on November 4th, signing for the old house on the 18th.  Plenty of time for painting, cleaning, etc.  Packing is another issue entirely, I’m afraid.

We’re using the same lawyer for both transactions, so that’s no problem.

We’re using the same bank for all the sundry bank things that need to be done – so far, so good.

The home inspection here is tomorrow, the home inspection there is Tuesday.

The kids have a four-day weekend because of the teachers’ convention, so we don’t have to take them out of school.

The movers’ estimate came in under what we expected. 

I still can’t exhale, though.  Not until it’s all over, so thank goodness for quick closings.  If I had to do this over 90 days, I’d have to be institutionalized.