In the New House!

In the New House!

I’m sitting down. I’m blogging. This will be brief, because there’s so much more to do. However, we’re in. The old house is ready to go. This one has a lot fewer boxes than it did, thanks in a big way to mom and dad, who stayed over a couple of nights. It gave hubby time to do wiring and furniture putting-together. We’re very, very tired.

I have to get fixtures for the master bath, storage for the kitchen (pull-outs and racks and stuff – the kitchen has space, it just needs to be set up), some yard care things (who’d’a thunk we could forget a rake, eh?). We need to get mattresses for the kids, and we can’t put their bedrooms together until their rugs are installed.

It’s good, though. The neighborhood is quiet, but we’ve met a few of the neighbors already. I’ve cooked a real dinner for the first time in what seems like weeks. The cats have learned their way back home. The dog will even have a bunch of friends to play with.

We’ve found a good sushi place and a good Chinese place, we’ve located the supermarket, and Lowe’s and Target are just a stone’s throw away. In another week, we should be ready to start getting things out of storage and seeing if and where they fit.

Once I’m more together and my PC is set up, I’ll tell more and give out props.